PIA Releases Findings of Spoilage Report

January 18, 2019

Pittsburgh, PA--Printing Industry of America released today the findings from the recent investigation it conducted on spoilage within the printing industry. The organization collected data by means of a survey in order to better understand the extent that spoilage is tracked, how statistics are calculated, and more importantly, the range and average of spoilage levels by size and type of company. In addition, it sought to understand whether low... Read More

Achieving Excellence

Achieving Excellence

March 7, 2017

The print industry is currently embracing change through the adoption of Industry 4.0, which is all about driving productivity while ensuring and verifying the quality of printed materials. Combining seamless integration with business decision making allows for achieving this kind of smart manufacturing facility. At the heart of this change, we need a business intelligence platform (also known as a fully integrated workflow) that evaluates and... Read More

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