7 Words You Should Never Say in Lean Six Sigma

February 18, 2019

This article originally ran as part of TMAC's Lean Six Sigma Newsletter. In the 1970s, the late comedian George Carlin perfected a routine in which he listed seven words that could not be used on broadcast television. Carlin was known for his acerbic wit and ability to skewer bureaucrats, politicians, and anyone else that he found to be arrogant, pompous, or just plain ignorant. He loved words and often found humor in how words were used.... Read More

2019 Continuous Improvement Conference Keynote Speakers Announced

February 15, 2019

Pittsburgh, PA--Printing Industries of America is pleased to announce the much anticipated lineup for its 2019 Continuous Improvement Conference, April 14-17 in Dallas, Texas. Celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2019, the Continuous Improvement Conference is the only annual event focused on helping graphic communications-focused manufacturers achieve operational excellence by using the concepts of Lean manufacturing and other management and... Read More

PIA Seeks Speakers for 2019 Continuous Improvement Conference

July 2, 2018

Pittsburgh, PA--Printing Industries of America is currently seeking speakers for its 2019 Continuous Improvement Conference to be held April 14-17, 2019 at the Fairmont Hotel in downtown Dallas, Texas. Conference organizers are seeking industry professionals willing to share their lessons learned in implementing continuous improvement strategies. Last year individuals from Excelsus Solutions, Gill Studios, GLS/NEXT Precision Marketing, Mimeo,... Read More

PIA Launches Spoilage Survey

October 5, 2017

Pittsburgh, PA--Printing Industries of America (PIA) announced today that the organization will be investigating spoilage within the printing industry. Data will be collected by means of a survey distributed to printing companies. The aim of the examination is to better understand the extent that spoilage is tracked, how statistics are calculated, and more importantly, the range and average of spoilage levels by size and type of company. In... Read More

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