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2017-2018 PIA Dynamic Ratios Show Printing Industry Profits Increased Last Year

June 22, 2018

Pittsburgh, PA --The 2017 Printing Industries of America Dynamic Ratios survey results are in and the findings indicate a modest rise in printing industry profitability. On average, the typical printing firm's profit as a percent of sales increased from 2.66 percent the previous year to 2.92 percent. In contrast, industry profit leaders--printers in the top 25 percent of profitability--saw their profit rates on sales dip to 8.8 percent. Profit... Read More

Could your business use a checkup?

Could your business use a checkup?

February 23, 2018

Just like your physical health, it's important to keep your business in good health as well. A Financial Performance Assessment (FPA) from the Center for Print Economics and Management is a way to do just that. Unlike a trip to the doctor, the FPA is painless for you--simply fill out a confidential questionnaire, then our team will get to work behind the scenes, building a report customized for your business. Your personalized FPA will examine... Read More

PIA Responds to State of the Union; Releases 2018 State of the Industry Report

January 31, 2018

Pittsburgh, PA--Printing Industries of America, in response to last evening's State of the Union address, has issued its 2018 State of the Industry report today outlining the economic and public policy outlook for 2018. The following is a statement by Printing Industries of America President & CEO Michael Makin: "Last night, Americans heard President Trump say that the state of our union is strong. Today, I want to echo that sentiment to say... Read More

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