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Document ID Title Author(s) Year Details
160062 Metallic Ink Measurement Using the M3 Mode Martin Habekost and Alyssa Kaye Andino 2016 View
160039 PDF/X-4 Today and for Tomorrow Christopher Smyth 2016 View
160035 The X-Fields: Workflow Is Key When Developing Effective Cross-media Programs Christoph Clermont 2016 View
160026 The Uses of Lamination in Print Production for Consumer Packaging Giancarlo Caimmi 2016 View
160015 Using Wide Format UV Ink-jet Printing for Digital Package Prototyping Yu Ju Wu and Reem El Asaleh 2016 View
160001 Impact of Instrumental Bandpass on Spectral Quantities in Graphic Arts Michael Rodriguez 2016 View
130303 A Model for the Cost Analysis of Offset and Digital Printing Processes Mark Bohan, Hal Stratton, and Anthony Stanton 2013 View
150329 Spot Color Matching for Digital Package Prototyping Yu-Ju Wu 2015 View
150312 Colorimetric Analysis of Screening Technologies in Digital Printing Dr. H. Naik Dharavath and Dr. Mark Snyder 2015 View
150295 Development of a Unique Indicator Label Martin Habekost, Jason Lisi, Krishan Rampersad 2015 View
150280 Halftone Type of Soft-proofing and Hard-proofing Applications for... Mei-Chun Lo and Chung-Chih Kuo 2015 View
150266 A Case for a Linear Color Difference Metric E. M. Granger 2015 View
150256 Introducing iccMAX – New Frontiers in Color Management Max Derhak, Phil Green, and William Li 2015 View
150241 ROOM: Retouch Once, Output Many with a New Color Reference File Juergen Seitz and Birgit Plautz 2015 View
150224 The Effects of Web Tension on Tack Forces During Printing Harrison R. Gates and Douglas W. Bousfield 2015 View
150204 G7 for Every Print Device? Martin Habekost and Vanessa Blum 2015 View
150194 An Investigation of Factors Influencing Color Tolerances Lufei Yu, Robert Chung, and Bruce Myers 2015 View
150185 Increasing White Ink Opacity with Reduced Ink Volume Six Advanced Micro... Andreas Albat, Ph.D., P.Eng. and Dr. John Anderson 2015 View
150176 The Effect of Press Variation on Color Stability on 7-color and 4-color Process Matthew Furr 2015 View
150162 Working Toward a Color Space Built on CIEDE2000 John Seymour 2015 View
150155 Forensic Markings for Progressive Barcodes Steven Simske, Marie Vans, Stephen Pollard & Guy Adams 2015 View
150147 Matching Printed Color Images under the Influence of OBA Using a Soft Proofing.. Peng Cheng, Robert Chung, and Bruce Myers 2015 View
150122 Buying From Web2Print Storefronts: Color Managed or Caveat Emptor? Erica B. Walker, Suzanne H. Edlein, and Dr. David E. Barrett 2015 View
150106 M1 Simulation by Varying Printing and Proofing Substrates Robert Chung 2015 View
150096 The Effect of OBA in Paper and Illumination Level on Perceptibility of Printed.. Changlong Yu, Robert Chung, and Bruce Myers 2015 View
150078 Investigation of the Implementation Aspects of the M1 Condition David Wyble and John Seymour 2015 View
150062 Printing Transparent Grid Patterns with Conductive Silver Ink with Flexography Colleen Twomey, Dr. Xiaoying Rong, Dr. Liam O’Hara, Dr. Charles Tonkin, Dr. Malcolm Keif 2015 View
150053 Active and Intelligent Packaging Dr. Mark F.J. Bohan and John Bodnar 2015 View
150046 An Analysis of M0 and M1 Measurement Conditions Bruce Leigh Myers and Rachel Silvestrini 2015 View
150035 Inter-Instrument Agreement for M1 Conditions and Its Implications for Graphic... Veronika Lovell, Robert Marcus and Danny C. Rich 2015 View