Brand Personality (Web vs. Print): Consumer Perception of Color in Branding


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Justin Furgurson


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The objective of this study is to (1) determine if consumers will apply the conventional color associations to hues when they are used in a brand's logo, (2) to examine whether color affects consumers' perceptions of a brand's personality, (3) to investigate whether consumers view a color as more appropriate for a logo when brand personality and color associations are congruent, and lastly (4) determine if web versus print portrayal of branding plays a significant role in perception. The theories of anthropomorphism and associative learning theory will be used to explain how consumers relate to brand, perceive brand personality, and form associations. Participants will be recruited for the study through the technique of snowball sampling via Facebook. The survey will be distributed over the course of two weeks with a projected 150 usable survey samples (100 web and 50 print). If the results indicate that all hypotheses are supported, then we can reject the overall null hypothesis and claim that color in logos does play a significant role in brand perception in both web and print mediums.

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