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200074 Consistent Display of Clemson Brand Colors Using Artificial Intelligence Erica Walker, Hudson Smith, Emma Mayes, John Paul Lineberger, Michelle Mayer, and Andrew Sanborn 2020 View
200145 Cybersecurity Awareness In the Printing Industries: Variable Data and Direct Mail Enterprises Dr. Carl Blue and Dr. Charles Weiss 2020 View
200226 Evaluating Hue Shifts in Spot Color Tints Himanshu Rana 2020 View
200197 Evaluating the Triple Bottom Line for Smart Packaging Mila Khatri 2020 View
200187 Natural Plate Compensation Curves Stefano d’Andrea 2020 View
200173 The Interaction Between Color Standards and Production Tolerances: A Mismatch of Metrics Mark Bohan and Dawn Nye 2020 View
200162 Using Artificial Intelligence for Planning and Imposition Tyler Thompson 2020 View
200161 Manufacturing and Integrating Printed Electronics William J. Ray and Alexandra Hartman 2020 View
200118 New EB Curable CI-Flexo Ink Technology Providing Sustainable Printing Solutions for Packaging Applications Brian Sullivan 2020 View
200116 A Wizard Based Approach to Optimizing Screening Parameters In Flexo Printing Mark Samworth 2020 View
200114 A Major Advance in Water-Based Processing of Flexo Plates Dr. John Anderson 2020 View
200045 Transitioning the Production of Premium Products to Inkjet Web Roger Serrette 2020 View
200001 Advances in Corona Treating Technology for Improving Ink Adhesion Aaron Hootkin 2020 View
200164 Recycled Does Not Have to Mean Weaker Emilija Biga 2020 View
200153 Definition and Measurement of Lay-flat Degree for Books Csaba Horvath, Laszlo Koltai, Istvan Lorincz, and Peter Teleki 2020 View
200133 Investigation of a Hydrochromic Ink Used As a Safety Feature Mustafa Bilgin and Johannes Backhaus 200133 View
200119 Evaluation of available ISO 13655 Backing Materials and Measurement Differences for the Packaging Industry Jinkai Qian 2020 View
200104 IMAGE: Accurate Full Color Image Aging Bruce Ridge 2020 View
200084 Metameric Proclivity John Seymour 2020 View
200057 Effect of Ink, Substrate, and Target Line Width On Quality of Lines Printed Using a Piezoelectric Inkjet Printer Mihir Choudhari, Robert Eller and Christine Heusner 2020 View
200047 Optimizing Stability: Software Density Compensation for Improved Printing Stability Dr. Daniel Hall 2020 View
200038 Color Gamut Extension on 4-color Sheet-fed Offset Press Using Ink Fountain Divider Methodology Dr. Ruoxi Ma and Brian Lawler 2020 View
200014 Brand Color Reproduction Using Expanded Gamut Technology with Offset Printing Reem El Asaleh, Ph.D., Dr. Martin Habekost, and Emilija Biga 2020 View
200003 Exposure Risk Assessment: Production to Pressroom Natasha Hausler Banke 2020 View
200000 The Interaction Between Color Standards and Production Tolerances: A Mismatch of Metrics Dr. Mark Bohan and Dawn Nye 2020 View
190306 A Comparison of Conventional and New Technology Gravure Cylinders In Terms of Image Quality Chandramohan Seetharamiah Srinivasaraju 2019 View
190280 The Colour Accuracy of Expanded Gamut Printing Julia Forrester 2019 View
190246 Update to Evaluation of Reference Materials for Standardization of Spectrophotometers John Seymour 2019 View
190237 Optimizing Chroma and Lightness of OGV Inks for Expanded Color Gamut Liam O’Hara, Bobby Congdon, and Kariahlyn Lindsey 2019 View
190222 Characterization of Multicolor Printing: Challenges and Solutions Hanno Hoffstadt 2019 View