Dynamic Ratios

About Dynamic Ratios

The Ratios have long been a compilation of accurate financial information from hundreds of printing and related graphic arts firms. They allow companies to gain access to financial and productivity benchmarks that can help your company become more efficient, productive, confident, focused, and profitable. 

Each Dynamic Ratios volume includes a report on operations, profitability, and sales factors, cost drivers and expenses, balance sheet statistics, funding ratios, leverage ratios, liquidity and activity ratios, value-added analysis, basic payroll data, employee profiles, inventory turnover, and billing cycles.

Printing Industries of America's Dynamic Ratios allow you to take a close look at these areas and answer key questions:

  • Are my expenses too high in relation to sales?
  • Is there too little or too much inventory in stock?
  • Can we meet our debts as they mature?
  • Should we increase our selling prices?
  • How can we increase our profits?

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The Dynamic Ratios Survey

In addition to the look-under-the-hood financial details we have provided for 95 years, the Dynamic Ratios study provides an online, interactive version of our Ratios study.

The central features of the Dynamic Ratios include:

  • 24/7 secure interactive dashboard allows printers instant access to industry financial and operating averages as well as profit leader benchmarks.
  • Instant graphics provide easy-to-understand information. The quartile system allows for you to view where your company is compared to your peer group or to the industry financial and operating averages.
  • Shorter survey option--a 70 percent reduction in required submitted information. Now printers need only provide 31 line items to participate. To gain the most from the survey, peer groups are recommended to fill out the long version of the survey.
  • Focus on Key Performance Metrics to simplify management decisions.
  • Peer Group Report--allows printers the option to custom design which printers they would like to sync with.
  • Trend analysis between years--for those printers that have participated in the past
  • Legacy reports and database still available.

Access the 2017-2018 Dynamic Ratios Reports.

Contact the Center for Print Economics and Management.

Why should you participate?

Participate and receive your free report. If you are not a member of Printing Industries of America, you can still participate in the survey. To become a member today and receive the results for free, contact membercentral [at] printing.org. Don't miss out on this core member benefit!