Production Inkjet

There have been many developments in the different market sectors for inkjet, including wide format, super-wide format, industrial printing, labels, and packaging. This web page will focus on the production inkjet segment, for which the market place is becoming increasingly competitive and the many different print engines are available (or are too be launched) that serve different market segments. These devices are those that will print medium to high volume jobs, primarily from rolls, though there are solutions that will print cut sheets. The print quality obtained from the different solutions depends on the actual application, though there is a consistent improvement in the quality, with offset-comparable quality now claimed. 

The different companies in the marketplace today that offer many production inkjet solutions and these are targeted at different marketplaces. The print engines are now getting to speeds that are closer to speeds obtained from lithographic printing. Some of the solutions available are listed here (please note this is not a complete list).

Production Inkjet Products

There are many different solutions available in the marketplace, most of the companies offering solutions are listed below.  By clicking on a company name listed, you will have access to production information on a variety of wide format printers and links for further information. [Several of these inkjet presses have been recognized with an InterTech Technology Award for their degree of innovativeness (review the list of award recipients)]. 

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Disclaimer: All information on this web site is intended to inform people about production inkjet devices by providing common public technical knowledge and information. While it is our intention to provide information and data from well-regarded authorities and the vendors, you should be aware that the information we provide is for informational and educational purposes only. You should not construe publication of any content on this site as an endorsement by PRINTING United Alliance of the companies or products described.

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