Human Resources

A solid human resources program is essential for any printer to operate profitably, competitively, and within the law. Meeting all these challenges can certainly be done by the small printer who does not have the staff expertise to devote full-time to each of these areas. How? By using your local affiliate and the Human Resources Department of PRINTING United Alliance. We will keep you up to date on the latest laws, regulations, and trends in labor and employment.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Info for Employers

The Human Resources Department at PRINTING United Alliance has compiled essential information for employers regarding COVID-19. Click the button below to access this information.

COVID-19 Information for Employers

Contact PRINTING United Alliance's Vice President of Human Relations

chrs [at] (Contact our Vice President of Human Relations, Adriane Harrison), for questions regarding laws, regulations, and trends in labor and employment.

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Do you have HR-related questions? Check out our HR FAQ for answers to questions that our members frequently ask.

Job Descriptions

Search through our growing collection of sample job descriptions for a variety of positions in the printing industry.

Employee Recognition

With our Employee Recognition Program, it is now easier than ever to recognize your employees for professional milestones.

State Marijuana Laws

View our interactive map that displays information regarding the medical or recreational marijuana legalization status in each state.