Environmental, Health, and Safety Affairs' newest program, EHS Verify, is a customized audit process that helps strengthen EHS programs to prevent workplace injuries and incidents and reduce the risk of OSHA and EPA fines and penalties.

The EHS Verify audit process includes pre-audit activities, an on-site visit, a report with audit findings and scoring, development of a corrective action plan to address areas for improvement, remote follow-up on corrective action plan progress in 3 to 6 months, and a follow-up on-site evaluation in 1 to 3 years (depending on the magnitude of the items identified for improvement).

Here's How EHS Verify Works



Request and schedule an EHS Verify audit and complete the pre-audit questionnaire. Once completed, a customized EHS audit protocol will be developed and directly sent to you.

On-site Visit

The EHS audit team will spend up to 2 days on site to conduct a thorough walkthrough, meet with management, review records and documents, and interview staff.

Action Plan

A detailed, independent assessment will include the audit score, identification of best practices, and a corrective action plan to help improve your company's EHS programs.


1-3 years after initial audit, a one-day on-site visit will take place to check progress in completing the corrective action plan.

Also, if you are ISO 14001 or ISO 45001 certified or are pursuing certification, EHS Verify serves as an independent internal review of a plant's environmental and/or health and safety management systems.

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For pricing information or to schedule an EHS Verify audit, complete the EHS Verify online form here.