Lewis Memorial Lifetime Achievement Award

Jeff Ekstein, 2018 Lewis Memorial Award Winner
with Michael Makin, Pres. & CEO, Printing Industries of America

Eligibility Requirements

A nominee for the Memorial Lifetime Achievement Award must:

  • Be widely recognized as having made a major impact on the graphic arts industry
  • Have a record of participating in both local and national professional activities
  • Have been active in the industry over a period of time and involved in many facets of the graphic arts industry
  • Not be an employee of any graphic arts association

The nominee is not required to be a member of PRINTING United Alliance, is not limited by age, sex, race, or geographic location, and may be either living or deceased.

How to Nominate Someone

To nominate an individual, please complete the nomination form and enclose a cover letter that briefly introduces the nominee. Please include the following information about the nominee:

  • Your reasons for nominating this individual
  • Dates of accomplishments; approximate dates are acceptable
  • The industry organizations in which the nominee has been active (Give position titles held with approximate dates for each organization)
  • Organizations outside of the graphic arts industry in which the nominee has been or is currently active
  • Three industry leaders, with their phone numbers, whom we may contact in reference to the accomplishments of the nominee
  • Additional supporting information, such as letters of support, a formal biographical description, or a resume for the candidate are not required but are welcomed.
  • Submit all required and supplemental materials to:

June Crespo
PRINTING United Alliance
2000 Corporate Drive
Suite 205
Wexford, PA 15090
Fax: 412-741-2311

For more information, contact jcrespo [at] printing.org

History of the Award

Established in 1950, the Lewis Memorial Lifetime Achievement Award is recognized throughout the graphic arts industry as the highest honor awarded to an individual in our business.

Named for Abraham Lewis, founder of Graphic Arts Monthly, and his sons Louis and Myron, the award pays homage to business leaders who have gone far beyond standard obligations to become a significant force in shaping the business of printed communications. Nominating an individual provides an opportunity to honor someone you believe has made a major, long-term contribution to and has had a significant impact on our industry.

The award recipient will be selected by a panel of industry leaders and is honored before hundreds of peers at Printing Industries of America's Fall Meetings November 9-11, 2018 in Grapevine, TX.

Past Recipients of the Lewis Memorial Lifetime Achievement Award

2019         Laura Lawton

2018         Jeff Ekstein

2017         Tim Burton

2016          Raymond Lawton

2015          Michael Keene

2014          Ken Kaufman

2013          David DeLana

2012          John Berthelsen

2011          Michael Marcian Sr.

2010          Janet Green

2009          James H. Mayes

2008          James Hammer

2007          William Bachman

2006          Tom Quadracci

2005          Wilhelmina (Willy) Wilkins

2004          Bob McNaughton-Gunn

2003          Ray Roper

2002          John Wurst

2001          Hans Peetz-Larsen

2000          Jerry B. Williamson, III

1999          Thomas E. Brinkman, Sr.

1998          Robert (Bob) Murphy

1997          Harry Quadracci, Sr.

1996          Howard (Buzz) Webber, Jr.

1995          E.W. Pete Armstrong

1994          Alfred W. Merkel

1993          Calvin W. Aurand, Jr.

1992          Wallace Stettinius

1991          Roger L. Perry

1990          Douglas M. Laidlaw, Sr.

1989          O.T. Hamilton, Jr.

1988          Donald C. Bishop

1987          Herbert H. Provence, Jr.

1986          Genevieve G. Bolger

1985          G. Richard Lezius

1984          John C. Hedlund

1983          Harold W. Gegenheimer

1982          Jacob E. Worner

1981          William H. Mariner

1980          R. Burke Stanard

1979          Richard B. Tullis

1978          James F. Conway, Jr.

1977          Harry T. Gartdner

1976          Gaylord Donnelley

1975          Edward McSweeney

1974          George C. Houck

1973          Alfred A. Jasser

1972          James W. Walsh

1971          Joseph H. Hennage

1970          Arthur H. Gratz

1969          John L. Kronenberg

1968          Frederick T. Marston

1967          Clarence M. Flint

1966          George S Dively

1965          Don H. Taylor

1964          Paul H. Lyle

1963          J. Homer Winkler

1962          Harry Brinkman

1961          William H. Bulkeley

1960          Peter Becker, Jr.

1959          Harold D. Ross

1958          William H. Egan

1957          Felton Colwell

1956          Lee Augustine

1955          Harry A. Porter

1954          Elmer G. Voigt

1953          Raymond Blattenberger

1952          L.W. Claybourn

1951          Fred J. Hartman & William C. Heubner

1950          A.E. Giegengack

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