PIA Unveils Leadership Skills for New Supervisors Course

Pittsburgh, PA--Printing Industries of America unveiled a newly developed, premium course in its iLearning Center last week, Leadership Skills for New Supervisors. This course aims to help new supervisors make the transition from contributor to leader by honing skills like: directing, sharing, teaching, training, and mentoring. Developed by leadership trainer and mentor Jamie V. Parker, the course goes beyond leadership theory to teach users specific skills and tactics that will help them engage with team members to work toward organizational goals.

Course objectives include:

  • How to approach leadership in a way that builds relationships and inspires commitment
  • The five points of impact listening to create more trust, engagement, and team member effort
  • The effective feedback formula for getting more of the right behaviors consistently
  • The anatomy of good coaching questions that develop a team's decision-making and problem-solving abilities
  • How to advance leadership skills and get the very best out of team members

The course is just $99 for PIA members and $199 for non-members. For more information, visit www.printing.org/leadership or contact Joe Marin, Vice President of Education & Training at jmarin [at] printing.org.