PIA Releases Findings of Spoilage Report

Pittsburgh, PA--Printing Industry of America released today the findings from the recent investigation it conducted on spoilage within the printing industry. The organization collected data by means of a survey in order to better understand the extent that spoilage is tracked, how statistics are calculated, and more importantly, the range and average of spoilage levels by size and type of company. In addition, it sought to understand whether low spoilage figures correlate to other company behaviors, such as having standardized processes.

Some of the key survey findings covered in the report include:

  • How printers measure spoilage or the Key Performance Indicators for spoilage metrics
  • How printers can calculate their own spoilage metrics
  • What exact costs are included in the calculations

By using this report, printers will learn to track and more importantly reduce spoilage and increase profits.

For more information about the survey, please contact Jim Workman, Vice President of the Center for Technology and Research at jworkman [at] printing.org.

The downloadable report is available FREE to all Printing Industries of America members as a member benefit or can be purchased for $199 by non-members. To learn more, visit www.printing.org/spoilagereport.