COLOR20 Keynote Lineup Announced

Pittsburgh, PA--Printing Industries of America is pleased to announce the keynote lineup for its COLOR20 conference. The COLOR20 program was designed to provide attendees with insights, the best practices, and answers to their most pressing color management questions. It will focus on Print & Production, Brand & Design as well as Standards, Research & Case Studies. Within each focus area there will be fundamental, intermediate, and advanced levels of content so that attendees can create a truly customized learning experience.

"COLOR20 attendees can expect to walk away with a better understanding of how to achieve accurate and consistent color no matter what platform or process they are working with," said Joe Marin, Vice President of Education and Training at Printing Industries of America. "And best of all, they will become part of an incredible community of people who live and breathe the subject!"

This year's keynote sessions include:

Frans Lanting, Acclaimed National Geographic Photographer / Frans Lanting Studio
Color of Life
Drawing upon three decades of fieldwork in wild places from the Amazon to Antarctica, master photographer Frans Lanting will share how he interprets color in the natural world for his iconic imagery. Frans Lanting has been hailed as one of the great photographers of our time. His work has been commissioned frequently by National Geographic and appears in books, magazines, and exhibitions around the world.

James Hillman, President and CEO / Mossberg & Company
Improving Printer-Brand Relations
Brand owners and printers both want the same thing--consistent color output no matter what the product, process, or technology. Achieving that can be a challenge though, and it can cause friction between the two parties. Learn how brands can provide essential visual guides and tools to their print partners to best ensure compliance in producing corporate brand colors across offset, digital, and wide-format. See practical examples and learn what printers can do to be successful in matching corporate brand colors and what valuable information brands can provide to ensure that happens successfully.

Scott Lucas, CEO / Sterling Brands
The Power of the Perfect Color
While perfect reproduction of a brand's color is an exact and valuable science, what goes into determining the colors that define a brand? Scott Lucas, President and CEO of Sterling Brands will explore the role of color in defining a brand, connecting with consumers, and delivering a consistent brand experience. Get inside information on the process that drives color selection, how and what a brand chooses to own, and how to leverage a color or color palette.

Jason Troutman, Principle Brand Designer / 3M
"Hey Man, I Ordered a Burger!"
Have you ever been in a restaurant, starving, anticipating that first juicy bite of that amazing burger you ordered, only to have a cold, lifeless salad placed in front of you? Yeah, we've all been there. Next you begin to rationalize your order. "Was it the waitstaff? Was it the cook? It couldn't have been MY fault!" The fact is, you didn't get what you thought you'd get. The experience was a total miss. Maybe this all sounds like your last interaction with a designer or a printer. The relationship between designers and printers has long been a blur. How our roles play out in this brand restaurant can often be fuzzy, and in the end the customer tastes the failure. The convergence of creativity and control plays out in the consumer market, on the shelf, every day. In this conversation, we'll unpack (from one designer's perspective) the misunderstandings, disagreements, blame, and outright ignorance that exists between our professions. We want better.

Cecile van der Harten, Image Department Manager / Rijksmuseum
Is Color Standardization More Difficult Than Milking a Duck? Let's Ask The Milkmaid
Color is emotion and emotion is not always the best guiding principle. The Milkmaid--Vermeer's oil on canvas painting--is not the best example of "the milk of human kindness." Her looks are deceiving--her yellow vest seems to be more yellow than it actually is while her skirt is a nightmare. In museum imaging, major advancements have been made to capture and deliver digital files that are scientifically reliable while serving as a starting point for how these artifacts will be reproduced--from publications to commercial products. For the Rijksmuseum, standardization is key to accurately reproducing the finest of art for historic preservation and future use. Join Cecile van der Harten to find out where we are today and what challenges lie ahead after more than ten years of color management in museum imaging.

COLOR20 will be held January 11-14, 2020, at the Hilton San Diego Resort & Spa in San Diego, California. The cost to attend COLOR20 is $995.00 for PIA, SGIA, TLMI, and FTA members, $1195.00 for non-members, and $350 for educators and students. Group discounts are also available. For more information about the event including a complete listing of breakout sessions, visit