Ben Franklin Honor Society Publishes the First BFHS Book of Wisdom

Pittsburgh, PA--Published by the Ben Franklin Honor Society (BFHS), the BFHS Book of Wisdom reveals the untold success stories of the Society's membership. The 248-page book is comprised of 47 essays by some of the most successful and accomplished men and women who have defined the growth and direction of the graphic communication industry in the latter part of the 20th century and the start of the 21st century.

The book was conceived and edited by BFHS member Harvey R. Levenson, Cal Poly Professor Emeritus and former head of Cal Poly's Graphic Communication Department. Levenson said, "The BFHS Book of Wisdom will unleash and preserve the experiences of successful industry leaders for all in our industry to learn from, students and present industry members alike. The book will be a body of knowledge that has been acquired from actual experiences that can be used to contribute to critical forward thinking and potentially positioning the BFHS as a contemporary 'think tank' of the most practical and visionary ideas that have formed our present industry. We hope that it will inspire young people to reach a level of achievement in our industry worthy of being nominated for BFHS membership in the future and attract the interest of a growing diversity of nominees for induction."

A completely volunteer effort, the book was designed by BFHS member Marina Poropat Joyce, founder of INTAGLIO, one of Los Angeles' top 100 women-owned companies, and author of the textbook Designing for Print. Printing was donated by Dave DeLana, president of Heritage Integrated in Oklahoma. A BFHS historical account was provided by June Crespo, Director, Board & Affiliate Relations, Printing Industries of America, and overall administrative support was provided by Gerald Nathe, BFHS Chair and former Chairman of Baldwin Technology Company, Inc.

Nathe said, "Collectively, the essays are stories about endurance, perseverance, stamina, and problem solving that led to the success of these unique individuals: all BFHS members. They have worked at every level in the industry: entrepreneurs, product development professionals, corporate leadership, association executives, educators, publishers, and consultants. Their stories and experiences are now a mentorship for the success of present and emerging leaders of our industry, including students."

The BFHS Book of Wisdom will be launched at the BFHS Annual Meeting and Induction Ceremony on November 15-16 in Houston, Texas where book signings by the essay authors will also occur. While all BFHS members will receive a free copy of the BFHS Book of Wisdom, the book can be acquired by non-members for a donation of $50 per copy. All proceeds will go towards any of three scholarships: a) the Ben Franklin Society Scholarship, b) the Society of Fellows Scholarship, c) the Order of the Black Leaf Scholarship, as well as d) other worthy projects/activities supporting the growth and development of the graphic communications industry. For additional information about acquiring a copy or multiple copies of the BFHS Book of Wisdom, contact: June Crespo, Printing Industries of America, 412-259-1778 or jcrespo [at]


Founded in 2005 by the consolidation of two established honor societies--The Ash Khan Society of PIA and The Society of Fellows of GATF--the BFHS later further expanded by adding the Order of the Black Leaf of the International Business Forms Industries Association. The Society is presently composed of 282 members elected by their peers. Part of Printing Industries of America, the Society recognizes and honors individuals who have made significant contributions to the advancement and betterment of the printing and graphic communications industry through meritorious service. Inducted members come from the Printing Industries of America, its affiliates, other industry associations, printers, and all other segments of the industry. The BFHS members are a reservoir of past and present industry knowledge. The Society encourages its members to share their experience and knowledge with younger individuals in the industry through mentoring, speaking engagements, and/or other methods.