Ben Franklin Honor Society (BFHS) to Produce BFHS Book of Wisdom

Pittsburgh, PA--The Ben Franklin Honor Society (BFHS) has announced an initiative to publish a book highlighting the significant success stories of its membership, presently composed of 282 inducted honorees who rose to prominence in the graphic communication industry.

The idea for such a book, entitled the BFHS Book of Wisdom, was conceived by Harvey Levenson, a BFHS member and Cal Poly Professor Emeritus. Levenson said:

"Elected by their peers, these extraordinary BFHS professionals have a story to be told about endurance, perseverance, stamina, problems, and solutions that have led to their success. However, their stories have not been told, but remain in the archives of their minds as personal experiences and anecdotes that could be of value to present and emerging leaders of our industry."

Gerald Nathe, Chair of the BFHS and former Chair of Baldwin Technology Company, Inc., took Levenson's idea to the entire BFHS membership and received widespread support to proceed. Nathe pointed out:

"Society members have worked at every level in the industry. Some are entrepreneurs, some are accomplished product development professionals, while others have risen to the highest ranks of corporate leadership or have become association executives, and others are leaders in education, publishing, and consulting. The purpose of the BFHS Book of Wisdom is to unleash and preserve their experiences for all in our industry to learn from, students and present industry members alike."

Levenson and Nathe agree that the book will be a body of knowledge that has been acquired from actual member experiences that can be used to contribute to critical forward thinking and potentially positioning the BFHS as a contemporary "think tank" of the most practical and visionary ideas that have formed our present industry. The BFHS Book of Wisdom is an undertaking to reach out to the broader industry and its purpose is to share member experiences to benefit the entire industry as it faces contemporary challenges of sustenance, growth, and problem solving. Another important purpose of the BFHS Book of Wisdom is to inspire young people to reach a level of achievement in the graphic communication industry worthy of being nominated for BFHS membership.

The book will become a mentorship, according to Levenson and Nathe, for those wanting to be successful. It will provide advice to present and new generations of prospective leaders. All BFHS members will be invited to submit a two-page essay telling their story. The anticipated completion date is November 15, 2019 in time for the next BFHS Annual Meeting. The book will then be made available for sale to the industry and to schools, with all sales proceeds to be donated toward research and scholarship awards.

Levenson has agreed to handle all facets of editing and production on a voluntary basis, drawing on contributed industry services. The book will be designed by BFHS member Marina Poropat Joyce, founder of INTAGLIO, winner of Inc. Magazine's Inner City 100 and one of Los Angeles' top women-owned companies. Those wishing to contribute services in the form of consumables, e.g., paper, ink, plates, etc., and/or printing, binding, and/or fulfillment, should contact Harvey Levenson (hrlevenson [at] or Gerry Nathe (gerald.nathe1 [at]

The Ben Franklin Honor Society

Founded in 2005 by the consolidation of two established honor societies--The Ash Khan Society of PIA and The Society of Fellows of GATF--the BFHS later further expanded by adding the Order of the Black Leaf of the International Business Forms Industries Association. The Society is presently composed of 282 elected members. Its members represent some of the most successful and accomplished men and women who have defined the growth and direction of the graphic communication industry in the latter part of the 20th century and the start of the 21st century. Part of Printing Industries of America, the Society recognizes and honors individuals who have made significant contributions to the advancement and betterment of the printing and graphic communication industry through meritorious service.