Meet the Center for Technology and Research Staff

James A. Workman
Vice President, Technology and Research
Phone: (412) 259-1710
Email: jworkman [at]

Jim Workman is currently the Vice President for the Center for Technology and Research at Printing Industries of America, the world's largest trade association representing printing. The Center for Technology and Research provides companies with the knowledge to make smart decisions about technology, the tools to help them manufacturer efficiently and productively, and solutions to immediate technical challenges. In addition, he is directly responsible for the organization's InterTech Technology Award competition, custom training and consulting activities, and its annual Continuous Improvement Conference. He is a certified mailpiece design consultant and provides member support on mailing issues. He recently served as the vice president of the Accrediting Council for Collegiate Graphic Communications, and recently helped launch the new organization, National Council for Print Industry Certifications. Jim has been with Printing Industries of America and its predecessor, Graphic Arts Technical Foundation, for 28 years. He has an MBA degree from Rochester Institute of Technology.

Lindsay Ferrari
General Research Technician
Phone: (412) 259-1785
Email: lferrari [at]

Lindsay performs all of the print analysis testing in the Preucil Print Analysis laboratory.  There she evaluates print characteristics such as density, dot gain, tone value increase, and color differences.  Additionally, Lindsay has the ability to take photomicrographs, and, as part of the research team, she also assists with press tests and general research.

John Bodnar
Technology and Research Assistant
Phone: (412) 259-1706
Email: jbodnar [at]

John Bodnar works as an Assistant in the Center for Technology and Research for Printing Industries of America. He is the Administrator for Technical Association for the Graphic Arts (TAGA), a special industry group of Printing Industries of America comprised of scientists, researchers, professors, and university students. His responsibilities for TAGA include helping conduct the annual conference, publishing and selling the annual Proceedings book (full of technical papers presented at the conference), managing TAGA's website, and handling TAGA membership issues. John also manages the webpages pertaining to research and technology on the Printing Industries of America website. In addition, he performs other duties connected to the daily operation of the Center.