InterTech™ Technology Application Requirements

The following information and materials are required for InterTechTM Technology Award consideration. All materials must be in English and provided electronically. [View a past entry that shows an example of the needed information in the downloadable section below. It is provided with the company's permission and some data has been altered.]

Entry Information

This section contains information on your company and technology name.

Company Contacts

We will need to know who the principal contact, technical contact, and marketing contact are for your entry. The same person can be listed for all three contacts, or there can be a different person for each. All contacts will have access to your online entry until it has been submitted.

  • Primary Contact will be notified of the decision of the judges and will be the person invited to accept the award at the awards ceremony
  • Technical Contact will be contacted in case of technical questions during the judging process.
  • Marketing Contact will be contacted regarding press releases and other InterTechTM material highlighting your technology.

Technology Description

This section requires an approximately 400-word description of your technology in PDF and WORD format. This description will also form the basis of the section about your technology in the InterTech booklet we publish.

Technology Information

This section allows you to explain in greater depth why your technology is deserving of an InterTechTM Technology Award. Your document should address

  • Market price for the technology
  • First year the product was commercially available
  • Technology significance/innovation (400-word limit)
  • Efficiencies and/or return on investment of the technology (400-word limit)

Product Images and Company Logo

At a minimum, you need to upload a high-resolution company logo and at least one photo, illustration, or diagram of your technology. You can add additional images, as well, to help the judges better understand your technology. The logo and at least one image will appear in the section on your technology in the InterTechTM booklet.

User Testimonial Letters

The InterTech judges value the experiences of technology users and the different ways in which the technology is used in practice. As such, we strongly recommend that your entry contain at least three letters testifying to your technology's performance. Each testimonial must to be on the user's letterhead and signed. Letters can come from users anywhere in the world, provided that they are written in or translated into English.

If your technology is sold directly, the letters should come from graphic communications companies. If your technology is sold to equipment or consumable manufacturers or distributors, the letters can come from those companies.

If you are unable to provide three testimonial letters please contact Jim Workman at 412-259-1710 or intertech [at] to discuss the situation. Testimonial letters, along with the rest of the application materials, are treated confidentially.   

Supporting Materials

You are not required to provide any supporting materials to complete your submission; however the judges can benefit from reviewing white papers, presentations, and videos about your technology. You may also choose to include news releases and product brochures. If the materials cannot be shared electronically (print samples, for example), then 16 copies can be mailed to Printing Industries of America for distribution to the judges.


Payment can be made online via credit card (click on InterTech Technology Award) or by check or wire transfer. All monies must be received by July 31 for your entry to be eligible for consideration. Pay for your entries by May 29 in order to obtain the early bird entry fee of $1,500 and then complete your entry later.
Please call 412-259-1710 or email intertech [at] with questions.

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