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Do you have InterTech-related questions? Check out our InterTech FAQ for answers to questions that people frequently ask. If you do not see your question, let us know at intertech [at]

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How do I submit my entry?

Entries are submitted by uploading documents to a Dropbox folder specifically set up for your technology. Contact us at intertech [at] to request an entry folder. The folder will contain explicit instructions on the information that is required. You can also review the information requirements at

I see that you limit some of the entry sections to 400 words. How serious are you about this?

It's a guideline. You should be able to make your case in each section in about 400 words or less. Overly long entries can obscure key information and fatigue the judges.

Our technology pricing is confidential so I can’t provide it. Is that a problem?

Yes. The judges need to understand the basic pricing to form a conclusion as to the technology's likely impact on the industry. The judges treat the entries as strictly confidential, as do the few PIA staff members with access to them.

Do I really need to submit three testimonials?

The judges have a natural skepticism about entries that don't contain firsthand testimony from users. Three testimonials (letters and/or videos) are recommended. They can come from customers anywhere in the world but must be in English. If gathering three testimonials proves too difficult, providing at least one testimonial may be the difference between receiving an award and not receiving one. If you cannot supply any testimonials, it is vital to provide an explanation why in your entry and to provide adequate support materials, ideally including a video of the technology in action. Awards have been given based on entries lacking testimonials, but it is rare.

Can I include a video with my submittal?

Yes, videos explaining the equipment and how it works are very helpful to the judges. Videos of customers discussing their experience with a technology can be used as testimonials, provided the customer explains how they are using the technology and what benefits they are realizing.

How much additional documentation should I include in the supporting materials portion?

Include as much content as you feel will best showcase your technology, while keeping in mind that the judges are busy professionals. A marketing brochure, PowerPoint presentation, and video of the technology can be powerful supplements to an entry. On the other hand, overwhelming the judges with dozens of documents is likely to have the opposite effect from the one intended.

Do I need to submit printed samples?

If you are entering a printing technology then providing printed samples is essential. Previously submitted technologies that have not included print samples have caused the judges to say things like, "This technology is hard to prove without samples."

How do the judges make their decisions?

The judges represent an array of executives and managers from graphic communications companies and well-known consultants, all people that at are technologically savvy. They read through all the entries and then travel to Pittsburgh in July for a full day of discussions. During this in-person meeting, the judges cast their votes to determine which technology innovations will be awarded.

What can we do to improve our chances of receiving an award?

The InterTech Technology Award program is designed to shine a spotlight on truly innovative technologies (less than three years old) that the judges believe will have a significant impact on some segment of the industry. It is not simply an endorsement of excellent products. Thus, an entry must convince the judges of a technology's innovativeness, over and above other technologies, especially ones that may have received, or at least been a candidate for, an InterTech Technology Award in the past. We recommend all those considering application review past entries.

The judges will go though many entries and each entry can be comprised of dozens of pages of reading material. The best entries are well written, make the innovation clear, differentiate it from other technologies, and provide strong supporting information.