1. Goal Setting and Planning

In the first lesson, you will explore the goal setting and motivation techniques for sales success. Learn all about the components of the goal setting process, the characteristics of successful sales people, and the importance of motivation for sales success.

2. Prospecting 101

Prospecting is a critical step in the sales process, and there are efficient and effective ways to do it. Learn how to find the people to sell to--and how to sell the people you find.

3. Selling Skills and Relationship Building

This lesson will provide an in-depth exploration of selling skills. Learn how to improve vital selling skills such as listening skills, phone etiquette, creating the correct question, closing techniques, buying criteria, presentation skills, and converting the prospect.

4. Listening and Body Language Skills

Listening and body language skills can contribute to sales success. Learn the strategies for careful listening and understand how to "read" and "speak" body language.

5. How the Experts Earn Long-Term Accounts

How do top salespeople land highly coveted long-term accounts? You'll learn all about the proper sales techniques for developing customer loyalty, establishing trust, and successfully navigating the relationship management process.

6. Cross Selling and Up Selling

This lesson explores the topics of cross selling and up selling. You will learn how cross selling and up selling can help them to sell more to existing customers, and find and close new customers.

7. Escaping the Price Driven Sale

Understand the landmines that sales people need to avoid in order to develop sales relationships that are based on more than just price. Learn how to avoid price-driven sales by learning how to cultivate a relationship with clients.

8. The Keys to Consultative Selling

How do you become a salesperson who creates a business improvement for their clients, just like a consultant? In this final lesson, you'll establish a solid foundation for a consultative approach to sales.