Custom Training

PRINTING United Alliance can develop custom eLearning programs to meet your specific needs and company goals.

Our custom eLearning programs can help your company operate profitably and efficiently in every aspect! The key is having staff that is knowledgeable and able to get you there.

Whether it's the latest technology or sales/CSRs that need firm anchoring in terminology and workflows to communicate effectively, we're here to help! We can build eLearning programs on topics such as sales, color management, lean manufacturing, prepress workflow, digital print production, offset production, industry orientation, workplace harrassment traaining, safety and OSHA, and supervisor training. Custom eLearning portals can be set up specifically for your company, where you can track the learning progress of your team.

Our training specialists and technical experts will work closely with you to identify challenges, needs and goals. Then, we'll collaborate to define objectives and plan a strategy to deliver convenient, cost-effective eLearning program that will impact your staff and production, giving them the tools they need for success.

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