Webinar: Practicing the Behaviors of a Servant Leader

Webinar: Practicing the Behaviors of a Servant Leader

A chance meeting with management expert Ken Blanchard in 2003 caused Art Barter, CEO of this multi-million-dollar communications company, to forever think about leadership differently. Training its entire staff to become "servant leaders" became central to how Datron built a culture that engages the hearts and minds of its associates in improvement, but also meets the company's mission to positively impact the lives of others today and in the future. As part of that commitment, the company sets aside 10% of its operating profits for employee donations to charity. Learn why the right leadership style is so critical to having a successful continuous improvement program; the key elements that differentiate servant leadership from traditional, hierarchical leadership; and how servant leaders practice and model their behaviors.

You Will Learn

  • What a servant leader does differently
  • How a servant leadership approach empowers employees
  • The connection between servant leadership and company improvement
  • Why traditional leaders often fail to create an inspired culture
  • Specific steps to practice servant leadership

Webinar Presenter

Art Barter
President and CEO
Datron World Communications, Inc.