Webinar: Inkjet Madness—What Does the Future Hold?

Webinar: Inkjet Madness—What Does the Future Hold?

Where is high-speed inkjet in the current market--and where is it headed? Inkjet is currently being used successfully in various markets and applications. High-speed inkjet is a big decision with many moving parts to consider. What do the adoption rates look like? What are the current technology options available? Do you really have the "right" work for it? What are the considerations for workflow implementation? This session will explore the issues of investing in, implementing, and using high-speed inkjet in your business.

You will learn:

  • Applications and adoption rates for high-speed inkjet
  • Do you have the right jobs to make the investment, what do you need to test before you invest?
  • Various hardware technology, format, and ink choices.
  • Infrastructure, skillset, ramp up time, maintenance requirements, and more.

Who should attend:

  • Owners
  • Presidents, CEOs, CFOs
  • Production Managers
  • Anyone looking to implement production inkjet in the future

Webinar Presenter

Joe Marin
Vice President, Education and Training
Printing Industries of America