Leadership Skills for New Supervisors

Making the transition from individual contributor to supervisor can be challenging. Instead of being measured on what you can achieve personally, you're now measured on what you can lead your team to achieve. Effectively leading others requires the development of new skills as you take on the 5 leadership roles: direct, share, teach, coach, and connect. In this course, leadership development trainer and mentor Jamie V. Parker (ProcessPlusResults.com) goes beyond leadership theory to teach you specific skills and tactics that will help you engage team members to work with you toward your organization's goals. Whether you're a first-time supervisor or an experienced manager looking to improve, you can keep coming back to this course for ongoing leadership skill advancement.

Time to complete: 4 hours for the course and knowledge assessments.

You will learn:

  • How to approach leadership in a way that builds relationships and inspires commitment
  • The five points of impact listening to create more trust, engagement, and team member effort
  • The effective feedback formula for getting more of the right behaviors consistently
  • The anatomy of good coaching questions that develop your team's decision-making and problem-solving abilities
  • How to advance your leadership skills and get the very best out of your team members

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Jamie V. Parker

Jamie V. Parker

As a trainer, speaker, mentor, and business partner, Jamie is on a mission to make the world of work more human. Through over 17 years of multi-unit operations management in manufacturing, retail, and service environments, she has developed a soft spot in her heart for mid-level managers, and loves the opportunity to serve as a guide along their Lean leadership development journey.