IPP Certification Instructors

IPP Registry

The individuals listed below have earned Improvement Professional in Print (IPP) certification. This PRINTING United Alliance certification program recognizes printing industry professionals dedicated to quality improvement and lean manufacturing processes. To be eligible for IPP certification, an individual must have over two years of experience working in a print related business, preferably in a quality management role, and been responsible for an improvement program or process at that business. To be certified, an individual must pass a 100 question exam that tests knowledge of lean/quality improvement terms, tactics and best practices.

Name Company Certification Date
Charles Armendariz May, 2017
Paul Brisson June, 2017
Greg Buschman, MAR, MIS July, 2016
Lura Clinton October, 2016
Magaret Cockran October, 2016
John Compton April, 2016
Kevin Cooper April, 2016
Brad Elledge April, 2016
Christina Faatz October, 2016
Shannon Fleming October, 2016
Stacey Goins October, 2016
Craig Hilton March, 2020
Jesse Mansfield May, 2018
Phyllis Mikolaitis January, 2018
Alister Miller October, 2017
Shane Monica September, 2019
Keith Oechsner May, 2017
Orlando Roman August, 2016
Nick Shonsky December, 2016
Mark Stenzel April, 2016
Stephen Weigman Jr. October, 2016