CSP Certification

CSP Registry

The individuals listed below have earned Customer Service Professional (CSP) certification. This Printing Industries of America certification program validates the expertise of customer service representatives (CSRs) in a production print environment. The certification program consists of an eLearning training course and timed certification exam. The exam must be passed with a minimum score of 80% to qualify as a Customer Service Professional.

Name Company Certification Date
Elizabeth Merritt June, 2019
LeAnn Merth May, 2019
Benjamin Mertz January, 2019
Rich Meyer April, 2019
Alexis Miller June, 2019
Cindy Moe April, 2018
Samantha Morris January, 2020
Mike Nielsen January, 2020
Amanda Notch April, 2019
Kevin Olson May, 2019
Garett Pace April, 2019
Ashley Parsons February, 2018
Raf Pasquet July, 2018
Lorren Potter December, 2019
Skyler Prince May, 2018
Tina Psyk May, 2019
Lynda Rainbolt January, 2019
Laura Ray May, 2019
Dawn Rector January, 2020
Pete Rintye July, 2018
Carmen Rivera April, 2018
Brittany Rodkey October, 2020
Gloria Rodriguez October, 2019
Rachel Rudolph July, 2019
Brett R. Saum October, 2019
Deborah Scalise January, 2019
Hallene Schraufnagel April, 2019
Jennifer Smith January, 2018
Cheryl Smith May, 2019
JoAnna Sohnrey April, 2018
Josh Stedam April, 2019
Jeanine Tate June, 2019
Kyle Thatcher June, 2020
Tina Thompson January, 2019
Shannon Uchida May, 2018
Angela V. VanAlphen January, 2018
Megan Vaughan January, 2019
Brooke Williams May, 2020
Nancy Winkelman July, 2019
Steven Winter October, 2019
Shelia Woody August, 2018
Laura Wright April, 2020
Jeffrey Wright January, 2020
Dakota Wyer July, 2019
Danae Ybarra December, 2019