CSP Certification

CSP Registry

The individuals listed below have earned Customer Service Professional (CSP) certification. This PRINTING United Alliance certification program validates the expertise of customer service representatives (CSRs) in a production print environment. The certification program consists of an eLearning training course and timed certification exam. The exam must be passed with a minimum score of 80% to qualify as a Customer Service Professional.

Name Company Certification Date
Trenton Abernathy September, 2018
Bill Adams January, 2019
Shelly Aldrich June, 2019
Susan Anderson March, 2020
Lisa Andes January, 2019
Jeff Becraft April, 2019
Don Younkin Bigelow May, 2019
Shannon Breemeersch November, 2019
Robert Brennan October, 2020
Kristian Brent May, 2020
Lindsay Brown November, 2019
Jo Ann Bruner August, 2018
Amand Buckelew October, 2018
Cindy A. Bulu August, 2018
Corey A. Cleghorn September, 2019
Rebecca Costley October, 2019
Ashley Daro April, 2020
Lori Davis March, 2020
Jeremy Drake November, 2018
Kay Evenwel August, 2018
Rebecca Fink July, 2018
Hayley Forck April, 2020
Sierrah Gaines January, 2019
Ashley Giboney March, 2020
Kelly Gough July, 2019
Kristi Grady January, 2019
Karen Gray April, 2019
Jordan Hansen October, 2019
Brittany Hart February, 2018
Jeromy Hashinger August, 2019
Ruby Him January, 2019
Diana Lynn Huber October, 2018
Julie Huffmon March, 2018
Brooke Hurley June, 2020
Jolie Jacobs January, 2018
Jennifer Johns June, 2018
Heather Johnson August, 2019
Alex Johnson January, 2019
Brian Joseph March, 2020
Joe LaCommare December, 2019
Crystal Lague November, 2019
Michele Land January, 2019
Patricia Lane October, 2019
Mike Linder January, 2020
Criss Linder January, 2020
David MacKondy August, 2018
Dustin Manansala October, 2019
Kylie Martin February, 2019
Tim McDaniel April, 2019
Miranda Melton August, 2019