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Human Resources staffing, policies, and procedures are critically important to prepare companies for the future. This means driving engagement initiatives, preserving a positive and collaborative work environment, and providing career growth opportunities--all while making sure that employees are happy and productive.

HR Ready! is designed to prepare our companies now, for the future, and provides HR leaders with a convenient, powerful, and practical learning experience.


Flexible Scheduling - Can It Work for Your Company?

Flexible scheduling may be a great way for your company to attract employees that are looking for ways to balance work with other parts of their lives, such as school and family responsibilities.

Learning to Learn Is the Future of Work

Your staff needs training opportunities to stay relevant and productive--employees who continuously learn transform into leaders who are productive, happier, and stick around longer. But what's the right formula?

The Positive Impact of a Truly Inclusive Workplace

The lack of an emotional connection to a job is common among so many--but not for the highly-motivated, and often overlooked, group of individuals working with different circumstances, such as intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Managing the Risks Of "Bring Your Own Device": Information Security, Employee Privacy, and Beyond

This presentation will address the critical risks associated with a workplace Bring Your Own Device policy and provide practical recommendations for addressing them.

How to Tell Your Story to Attract Talent

Do you work for a great company? Learn how to showcase your company, culture, and environment on multiple platforms so that you can attract great employees.



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