Why Use a Color Server if the Rip Already Has Color Management Included?

Why Use a Color Server if the Rip Already Has Color Management Included?

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There are various options when it comes to a RIP and color management combination. Many shops run multiple printers which are all different models with the ability to handle the various print types including offset, large format, wide format, and digital. Having multiple printer models causes a learning curve because now the operators must learn and understand the functionalities of each printer and apply the proper settings before each job to ensure production runs smoothly. Much the same, even though each printer may come with a RIP, each RIP may be different, which means the user also has to learn how to handle color conversion for each printer depending on which RIP it has.

With all of the variables involved, the output is not guaranteed to be consistent. Adding a color server to your set up can ensure that your colors are handled consistently by centralizing and synchronizing your color conversion. Other advantages of a color server could include higher flexibility and higher quality with the handling of spot color conversions and rendering intents. When a color server provides all of these benefits, it becomes easier for a printer to handle jobs they may have otherwise not been able to handle due to time or functionality restrictions.

Creating room in your budget to add a color server can save you a lot of money long-term since a more reliable and predictable output will be produced. You will also save time in the learning process and preparation.

ColorLogic's ZePrA is a hot folder based Smart Color Server that can be integrated into an existing workflow for immediate results. Not only does the Auto Setup in ZePrA's easy-to-use interface simplify the process of creating color conversions for any workflow situation, also creating DeviceLinks on the fly with SmartLink is effortless. ZePrA provides several other helpful features including its ability to provide Spot Color and SaveInk Reports directly from the Navigation Panel.